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Go Digital

Centralised, company-wide digitalisation is tried, tested and proven to improve productivity and safety in other sectors, we say it's time for Construction to bridge the gap!

Product overview
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Rich data insights

Construction digitalisation is the main driver of productivity and safety compliance on site. 

Digital technologies in construction offer site and head office teams rich data insights into workforce, sub-contractor, and site operations, providing greater visibility and smart insights to make the right decisions throughout the build process. 

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Reduces time & administrative effort

MSite streamlines existing site processes, vastly reducing the time and administrative effort required to complete manual site tasks, such as worker onboarding.

Digitalisation of these processes yields huge efficiency and cost savings for contractors, both at site and group level. Our paperless workforce management system provides easy access to detailed reports to fulfil legislative or management requirements at the click of a button in one central reporting suite.

Productivity & Workforce Communications

Data can be shared between sites

Standardisation of data collection across all sites , allows for greater accessibility and consistency of worker data on projects which utilise MSite.

Data can be re-used and shared between sites, with MSite profiles acting as a digital passport. Biometric technology verifies identity and authorises transactions, allowing  site access control to ensure workers are who they say they are and that they have a right to be on site.



Construction Workforce Productivity


Five Tangible Benefits for Construction