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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.



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Productivity & Workforce Communication Apps

    Productivity & Workforce Communications

    The MSite software suite is built with end-to-end productivity in mind. Improve site output while reducing costs; from registration, online training and reporting, to direct-to-workforce notifications and on-site subcontractor performance.

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    Increase Productivity & Improve Worker Communications

    MSite data is available to view at a site, group or business unit level. Providing you with powerful data insights and the tools to drive productivity improvements, empowering teams to make data driven decisions at any level of the business.

    MSite is a seamless digital platform, which eliminates the time fraud of existing paperless and manual processes. MSite provides a means to directly communicate with your workforce in real time at a site or group level.

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    Productivity & Workforce Communications
    Productivity & Workforce Communications


    Improve productivity through data

    Improve productivity through data

    This level of data is available by site, as a business unit or national overview, giving you the insight and tools to understand your entire workforce profile and identify successes and challenges, for example, via Fatigue Risk Management and Site Access Control, to drive key improvements. 

    Direct-to-worker communications

    Communicate with your workforce in a quick and easy way

    Our direct-to-worker approach, powered by the MSite Workforce App (our worker time & attendance app), enables better communication and management of the entire workforce. You can send notifications directly to your workforce, and read receipts will evidence whether they have read them or not for your records.   


    TV on wall
    Digital signage

    Share site information with workers and visitors

    Digital Signage, displayed on screens in key areas such as offices or canteens, is ideal for sharing important site information you want operatives and visitors to see, such as health and safety tips, site statistics, and news feeds. This digital signage solution is a great way to make sure everyone is in the know.

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    Find out more about how you can benefit from MSite's reliable, safety-enhancing workforce management tools.

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    Q. How does the Direct-to-Worker Notifications feature work?

    The MSite Workforce App’s Direct-to-Worker Notifications allows site teams and head office personnel to communicate with the entire or select groups of the workforce in real time.

    Senders can draft surveys and mandate responses, set recurring messages, schedule messages for specific times and even restrict site access for recipients who don’t respond to messages.

    Q. What site statistics can be displayed on Digital Signage?

    Easily pull live site statistics straight from the MSite system to be displayed on TV screens across site,  showcasing content how you want with 60+ ready-made layouts.

    Upload workforce stats such as workers on site, total hours worked, project progress, fire marshals on site, news feeds and more!