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The Worker Journey

Travel through our worker journey to see how through the use of innovative technology, we are driving new levels of productivity and safety in construction.



The worker is invited to register their details online, and any health and safety or role-related competencies are validated before their first day on site.

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ID Checks

ID Checks

Worker’s Right to Work is pre-qualified via their digital profile, and their ID documents are checked using OCR technology and copied in line with Home Office requirements.

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Worker completes company and/or site induction and safety training online before arriving to site.

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Site Access

Site access

Once enrolled, the worker uses their biometrics for access & attendance logging onsite, including facial recognition, fingerprint, or their phone’s onboard biometric via the Workforce App.

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Worker Management


Worker activity is managed and reported on throughout the project via the MSite software modules including Fatigue Management, Time and Attendance, Delivery Management, and Roll Call.

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Worker Communications

Workforce App

The worker receives key updates and messages via instant or scheduled push notifications from site or central team direct to their smartphone. Key project information can also be displayed on screens in various locations on site via Digital Signage.

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All aspects of the worker journey can be reported on via your MSite dashboard and reporting suite; this can be extracted by site, region, or nationally to provide you with performance insights on key site metrics.

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