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MSite is changing the way construction manages its workforce

Be Safe. Be Productive.

Digitalisation whitepaper

MSite is the industry leading workforce management platform for the construction sector, enabling new standards of safety and productivity on sites.

The worker's digital journey


1. Registration

ID verification

2. ID Verification


3. Accreditation


4. Induction

Site access

5. Site Access

Group 1376

6. Site Training

Fatigue Management

7. Fatigue Management

Incident management

8. Incident Management

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Years in construction



Workers registered



Sites managed



Safe, productive hours

We are on a mission to put MSite into the hands of every worker, boosting productivity and making sites safer. Our tech cuts through layers of complexity so you can directly communicate with and manage your entire site workforce, whether they're direct employees, sub-contractors, agency staff or even a one man band.

We're creating a paradigm shift in productivity


Direct-to-worker notifications

Our new direct-to-worker communications tool is an absolute game changer for building sites. 


Digital access to site

The MSite Workforce App provides contactless biometric entry with best-in-class hardware. 


Workforce management tools

Sure, our workforce management tools can't be used to dig foundations or lay bricks, but they can certainly help to build a safe, productive and successful site workforce.

Faces into places

MSite’s new Face Reader for safe
and contactless site access

MSite Face Reader

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"I really do believe the potential benefits of implementing this system are game changing for Balfour Beatty"

Balfour Beatty

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