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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.




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Construction Site Online Inductions

Upload your company, site, and role inductions to our online construction site induction software, so workers can watch and learn the essentials before their first day on the construction site. 

MSite Inductions is a remote and paperless way to share your site’s safety compliance and operating procedures with new starters.

Online Inductions

Ensure your construction workers are fully prepared with online site inductions

In a business as high-risk as construction, it pays to know the people you’ll be working with know their stuff ahead of time - instead of them showing up unprepared on the day. 

MSite Inductions is a flexible online safety induction software for you to upload essential forms, video files, safety regulations, questionnaires and other important documents your workers need to view or fill out before their start date. 

Not only does this save time - allowing them to begin work more quickly if they’re qualified - it also helps weed out any potential issues in workers’ experience or knowledge that need to be addressed before they step onto your site.

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Online inductions ahead of time

Want to get the most out of your workers and give them a clear picture of their roles and responsibilities?
Video inductions and assessments can be assigned to workers for them to complete before their first day on site, so they only need a short site orientation when they arrive - saving time and money.
Save time & money

Save time & money

By delivering inductions online, on a worker’s first day you can run a shorter site orientation (which they can book through MSite).

Online Inductions (2)

Easy to use

MSite Inductions is easy to use. Once the worker receives an invitation, they follow step-by-step instructions to complete the course.

Online Inductions (3)

Record of Induction

Check workers have completed their online induction, and view the proof of completion in our MSite platform.


Our online induction software offers many solutions to the construction industry to ensure that all workers are given a suitable site induction as per guidance from the HSE. The top features include: 
  • Unique login for each sub-contractor where individual accounts for workers can be created and accessed securely
  • The ability to include health and safety information such as first aid arrangements and protocols, methods of reporting site accidents and incidents
  • Safer onboarding, as sub-contractors know workers are fully vetted and, prepared, with the correct qualifications, skills and working rights before accessing a site 
  • Ensures consistency across inductions by company, site, and role
  • Booking system allows workers to pre-book their on-site orientation, so you can plan ahead and know who to expect and when
  • Gives a great professional first impression, showing sub-contractors and workers that your site takes training and safety seriously.

Construction induction software that puts your site workers to the test

Suitable knowledge of construction site protocols is essential if you want to maximise productivity and limit accidents on your site.

With our site induction software, you can request your team to complete multiple choice assessments during their online induction to ensure they fully understand your company and site rules. If any issues are raised during this process, you’re able to quickly deal with the individuals involved and ensure they are prepared for the role, or choose another candidate if they are unsuitable. 

You can also customise your content, tailor it to your site and upload your own training materials with full version control in place. That way, you’ll always have complete authority over the materials your workers view and can replace any documents as they become outdated, relieving the need to switch systems down the line. 

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Social Value

As part of our Pre-site solutions, Msite Inductions can be paired with our Pre-Registration solution and Identity Checks so you can be sure that even before workers step foot on the construction site, the processes you have in place streamline compliance and demonstrate a positive social impact. Our online induction software achieves this through: 

  • Driving social value: By having a platform which houses all the essential health and safety and training materials in one place, you can reinforce your sustainability values through reduce paper use 

  • Tackling modern slavery: With workers having been previously vetted, the software allows you to verify worker skills and monitor performance and site activities. This ensures you can have the right staff working on a project at any given time 

Case studies

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Ensure that only the right workers with the required skills are assigned to a construction site project, and that they are fully prepared with the necessary health and safety and training materials before they step foot on a site with our online induction software. Contact us to find out more. 



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