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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.




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Site Pre-Registration

Save time and money by having your workers register for MSite online before their first day, so they can begin work faster while having all the important information they need to remain safe and productive.


Managed by Sub-Contractors

Your sub-contractors can manage the invitations for their workers to pre-register on MSite, giving them the responsibility of ensuring their workforce registers in advance.

Download the MSite Pre-Registration Overview

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Pair with MSite Inductions

Pair Pre-Registration with our Inductions module to save even more time and money. MSite Inductions is an online platform that allows you to upload essential materials for workers ahead of time, so you know they’re fully prepared and qualified for the role before they ever step foot on-site. You can also test workers’ knowledge with questionnaires, so you know they’re fit for the role.

By using both, your sub-contractors can ensure their workers arrive registered and inducted, only needing a short site orientation when they arrive at your site.


Pre-Reg (1)

Save Admin Time

As workers fill in their details themselves at home, the site office only needs to visually confirm their ID on day one, preventing the need for lengthy inductions that eat into productivity.

Pre-Reg (2)

Lasting Digital Record

Workers' profiles are securely stored on our cloud-based system, creating a lasting digital record that meets all essential GDPR rules.

Pre-Reg (3)

User Friendly Interface

Workers feel more encouraged to fill in their details thanks to the platform’s super-easy interface. Sub-contractors can issue invitations quickly and easily, cutting response times.

Drive efficiency and improve safety

✔️ CITB card verification
Rest assured that workers throughout your supply chain carry the correct trade card for the job they're on-site to do. Those with inefficient qualifications will be flagged before they’re able to begin work.

✔️Efficient, simple and professional
Digital pre-registration is slick and it quickly gives new workers and new sub-contractors the sense that your site is run in a safe and professional manner, giving them the confidence they need to perform their roles effectively.

✔️Consistent Data Capture
All worker profiles are captured using the same MSite form, which makes reporting easy. You can easily search for workers who are registered on your site and retrieve their digital records should you need to check their credentials.


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