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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.




Customer Success Stories

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Insights Analytics

With a top level dashboard and a full suite of reports available, MSite makes it easy to find the data you need and for reporting and to help drive decision-making.


Create your single source of truth across all of your sites

Our reports empowers the your stakeholders with real-time performance tracking, integrated data visualisation and customized reporting, enhancing decision-making, resource optimisation, and enables collaboration amongst teams, while also supporting safety and sustainability, leading to improved efficiency and profitability.


Project Engagement Dashboard

Track the real-time status of all your ongoing, active, and concluded projects with our comprehensive Project Engagement Dashboard. Effortlessly gauge your project portfolio's health at a glance and make informed decisions with up-to-date metrics.

  • Total Projects Overview: Understand the total number of projects registered in our Msite system to get a sense of scale and operation.

  • Active Usage Insight: Monitor how many of these projects are actively engaging with Msite features to optimize resource allocation.

  • Inactive Projects Identification: Quickly identify projects that are not currently utilizing Msite, allowing for targeted engagement and support.





Workforce Pre-Registration Compliance Dashboard

Maximize your project's efficiency from day one with our detailed Workforce Pre-Registration Compliance Dashboard. Get a panoramic view of your workforce's readiness and ensure everyone meets pre-registration requirements before setting foot on site.

  • Pre-Registration Tracking: Instantly view the total number of individuals invited to pre-register, providing a high-level measure of your upcoming workforce.

  • Online Training Completion Rates: Keep track of the percentage of workers who have completed the necessary online training, ensuring they are prepared and compliant.

  • Site Access Approval: Observe the number of workers who have been granted access to the site following pre-registration, allowing for efficient onboarding.




Site Briefing and Training Overview Dashboard

Ensure your workforce is well-informed and up-to-date with our Site Briefing and Training Overview Dashboard. Monitor the effectiveness of your communication strategies and confirm that your teams are aligned with safety and operational protocols.

  • Briefing Courses Overview: Gauge the reach of your training programs with a count of how many unique briefing courses have been conducted.

  • Engagement Metrics: Determine the engagement level of your workforce by reviewing how many briefings have been held and the number of workers who have attended.

  • Site Specific Training: Assess the penetration of briefing sessions across different sites, with data on the number of sites that have hosted briefings.




Workforce Management and Safety Dashboard

Our Workforce Management and Safety Dashboard offers vital insights into labor dynamics, enabling proactive management and safety oversight. This tool is pivotal for HR and safety officers who aim to maintain operational excellence and prioritize worker well-being.

  • Workforce Totals: Get an immediate count of the total workforce involved in your operations, giving you a snapshot of labor scale.

  • Transaction Volume: Review the sheer volume of transactions processed, indicating the level of activity and operational throughput.

  • Engagement in Training: Evaluate your workforce's commitment to development with statistics on the completion of online training modules.




Site level

Site Level Data

Run site-wide reports to keep track of things like hours worked and number of workers.



Quick and easy reports on carbon emissions, social value and more.

Company wide

Company Wide Data

Easily get a top level reporting view across all sites, and drill down into the data.


API Feeds

Connect MSite figures into other software you use with our API feed.

power Bi

Power BI Reports

Our enterprise customers get even smarter data with MSite's Premium Power BI license.


GDPR & Data Security

Rest assured that our data is secure and our system is GDPR compliant.

Powerful Insights

Always here to assist

Our digital strategy team are transforming how MSite data can be utilised across your business.



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