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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.



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Construction Site Time and Attendance Systems

MSite Time & Attendance facilitates monitoring of worker arrival time and exit time on site via a mini facial recognition station or with easy location check-in via an app.


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Accurate time & attendance monitoring for modern construction sites

With so many workers arriving at and leaving your site, it can be difficult to keep track of precisely how long everyone has spent on their job. MSite provides a range of solutions for construction site time and attendance, so you can accurately monitor how long your workers spend on-site, ensuring they’re not mistakenly paid for hours they’re not being productive, saving you money. From a health and safety standpoint, these solutions also let you see exact worker numbers on-site at any given time, ensuring no one is left unattended in the event of an accident or evacuation.

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Accept qualified workers at the door and block unapproved personnel

Unqualified or unapproved workers accessing your site create a safety hazard in and of themselves. But you can accurately control and monitor who makes it in with MSite Face Mini.

One of our facial recognition solutions, the Mini quickly scans a worker's face and matches them with their personal profile, ensuring they have the qualifications - and authorisation - to enter your site. Unauthorised individuals will be flagged and denied access instantly, keeping your site a safe and professional working environment.

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Accurate reporting

Check worker timesheets against time and attendance reports to ensure they are paid for the correct hours on site.

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Improve safety

Have confidence that your workers are known and trusted, with biometric verification via MSite Face Mini.

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Choice of solutions

Choose the right solution for your workers, from location check-in for remote workers to an on-site Face Mini.

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What type of time & attendance do you need?


MSite Face Mini

A dedicated time & attendance station, leveraging facial recognition for biometric sign in.


MSite Supervisor App

The MSite Supervisor App gives you a multitude of MSite software tools at your fingertips.


MSite Workforce App

Workers can sign in using location check-in, which can use GPS for sites or a 'take selfie' option for remote workers.

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Need a more fixed solution?

MSite Access & Attendance helps you securely manage site access. and records attendance through biometric technology.

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