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Fatigue Management

MSite Fatigue Management enables monitoring of your site team fatigue levels throughout your project - keeping your site safe. Ensure your team aren’t making mistakes by guaranteeing they’re well-rested and not overtired.


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Fatigue Management software for a safety-first approach

13% of workplace injuries across all industries are caused by fatigue, according to the National Safety Council. But these risks are heightened even further on construction sites where danger is around every turn.

Our Fatigue Management Software is designed to offer you peace of mind and to keep your worksites safe and as accident-free as possible. By taking an active approach to monitoring tiredness, instead of querying workers at the end of their shift, MSite Fatigue Management will help you deal with flagging workers sooner, significantly reducing the risk of a fatigue-related mishap.

Stay on schedule and save time with a Fatigue Management System

Tiredness can have a serious impact on productivity rates, meaning tired workers could be slowing your whole operation down and costing you precious time and resources.

But MSite’s Fatigue Management Software will identify those who are most at risk of slowing down due to fatigue before your work begins to suffer, so you can keep a steady pace and complete your projects on time.


In-depth insights that make Fatigue Management easier

Fatigue sets in for a number of reasons - some of which start away from the work site. But with MSite’s Fatigue Management Software, you can keep track of the less-obvious statistics that impact worker fatigue - like site hours, rest days and even commute times - so you can ensure your staff are recharging their batteries when they should and aren’t pushing themselves too hard.

Group 2055

Boost productivity

Ensure workers are alert while on site, avoiding mistakes from tiredness and ultimately improving workforce productivity.

Group 2054

Health & Safety Compliant

Comply with any health & safety regulation that requires fatigue monitoring, such as ROGS regulation.

Group 2053

Highlight Fatigued Workers

Our solution highlights workers at risk of fatigue in real time, so preventive measures can be taken mid-shift. Significantly reducing the risk of incidents, accidents and worker injury on site.

Boost your workers productivity & reduce absences

✔️Accurately report on worker fatigue measures covering hours worked, commute times, rest days and more. A paperless process with digital reports are automatically formatted in HSE Fatigue Risk Calculator, removing the need for manual calculations.

✔️ An effective fatigue management solution which boosts productivity, lowers health costs and reduces worker absences.

✔️ Our Fatigue Management module can be used with either Workforce or Supervisor App. 


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