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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.




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Construction Site Access Control

Keep your construction site secure with biometric turnstiles, tracking worker arrival and exit times. You can run reports on actual time spent on site by workers or sub-contractors.



Industry-leading access control improving construction site security

Having a secure building site with fully identified workers is essential to the success and safety of construction projects. 

Our industry-leading site access control solutions manage access to sites with biometric turnstiles to track worker and sub-contractor arrival and exit times.  

The facial recognition technology confirms the identity of each worker and their credentials before they can access the site, verifying that they are known and trusted and the system can block those who aren’t. 


Rugged construction site security is more essential than ever

With construction site theft costing hundreds of millions of pounds per year, and accidents caused by unqualified or ill-placed construction workers on the rise, it has never been more important to secure your site with the most resilient, innovative security possible.

MSite’s construction site turnstile options offer an up-to-date and ultra-resistant alternative to more old-fashioned turnstiles, crafted with both security and worker interaction in mind.

Our systems have been successfully used by 10,000+ customers over the last 23 years.

We provide three turnsitles:


Full height turnstile

These corrosion-resistant, zinc-plated turnstiles are fitted with quiet mechanisms and are built to last turn after turn.


Half height turnstile

Giving reliable and fast entry to your site, welfare areas or site office – perfectly suited to indoor use.


The MSite Pod

With a full-height turnstile, biometric reader and lockable door - ideal for managing construction site access and security.



  • Reduces risks and errors – your workforce arrives pre-enrolled
  • Data can be accessed on site at any time, from attendance to briefings
  • Automated data collection tackles duplication and modernises traditional processes throughout the project lifecycle
  • Gaining valuable insights about workforce attendance and activity to increase efficiency and, save costs – making jobs less challenging
  • A standardised, digital process for health and safety reporting, giving accurate and accessible data about incidents
  • Integrates with supply chain management systems to track and analyse the carbon footprint of materials from procurement to usage



Accurate time and attendance

Biometric verification ensures every worker is known and trusted. Easily monitor and control site access in real-time, blocking those who don't meet requirements.

Group 2054

Improve site and worker safety

Biometric verification ensures every worker is known and trusted. Monitor and control site access in real-time, blocking those who don't meet requirements.

MSite Face (1)

Fast face recognition

The face reader is fast and accurate to get workers on to site quickly. Integrated software enables you to automatically restrict site access against your criteria


Construction site access management for the 21st-century site

Utilising modern technology innovations, like facial recognition, you can now accurately keep track of which workers are on your site at any given time and only allow access to those with the right credentials. This can cut the risk of accidents and help to keep the rest of your workforce safe.

MSite Face checks every worker against a pre-prepared database, ensuring only those who should have access to ultimately gain access, preventing intruders and flagging the alert so action can be taken. 

The software checks workers against their credentials, so only those with the right qualifications can gain access to potentially hazardous areas that require specific skills or experience - significantly cutting the risk of serious accidents. 

The system is a highly-effective cost-saving measure as you know precisely when workers are on site and can pay them accordingly. 

Social Value

From modern slavery and social value to carbon footprint and health and safety compliance, we help contractors to meet their obligations effectively. 

Our automated reporting gives you detailed analytics on workforce diversity, training, safety, environmental sustainability and community engagement. It helps to streamline compliance and lets you demonstrate a positive impact. 

As the construction industry faces an increase in cases of modern slavery, the need to tackle this serious crime - often undetected and driven by organised criminals – is more important than ever. 


Case studies

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