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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.




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Search & Reporting

With a top level dashboard and a full suite of reports available, MSite makes it easy to find the data you need and for reporting and to help drive decision-making.

Solving the workforce productivity puzzle

Streamline every process from Pre-Site to Demobilisation.

Get the necessary tools in the hands of your stakeholders who oversee your projects, accessible from any device. Enhance your efficiency, improve communication and accelerate your projects using a centralised held on MSite.

Roll Call Reports
Social Value

Real-Time Roll Call: Enhancing Site Management and Safety

Get instant visibility into worker attendance and ensure safety compliance with ease, all in real-time. It's the efficient way to manage your workforce and maintain a secure site.

  • Instant Accountability: The report provides immediate tracking of who is on-site, allowing for quick headcounts and ensuring that all personnel are where they should be.

  • Dynamic Staffing Insights: Live updates on worker presence can inform decisions about staffing needs, helping to manage personnel efficiently and respond to unexpected absences or additional labor requirements in real-time.

  • Safety Compliance: In case of an emergency, the supervisor can swiftly account for all workers, which is crucial for effective evacuation procedures and for meeting safety compliance standards.






Streamline your project oversight with our On-Site Attendance Analytics Dashboard. Designed for immediate access, this dashboard offers a comprehensive view of worker attendance patterns and site activity levels. Simplify your daily management tasks and make informed decisions to improve workflow and productivity, all through the convenience of real-time data visualisation.

  • Real-Time Workforce Monitoring: The dashboard shows live data on the number of people currently on-site. This enables supervisors to monitor workforce density and manage on-site activity levels effectively, ensuring optimal deployment of workers throughout the day.

  • Trend Analysis and Forecasting: With access to historical data trends on daily site operations, supervisors can predict future attendance and activity levels. This insight allows for better planning and forecasting of labor needs to match the project's demands.

  • Contractor Coordination: The feature that shows the top trades or roles on-site facilitates better coordination among various contractors. It allows for scheduling adjustments and balanced manpower distribution, thus preventing overstaffing or understaffing in specific areas and ensuring a smooth workflow.




Quick Briefing Log

Stay informed of your crew’s training with our Quick Briefing Log. Monitor attendance at a glance, keep safety and skills sharp, and ensure no detail is missed.

  • Training Compliance: The dashboard allows supervisors to track attendance for various safety and operational briefings, ensuring that all workers are up-to-date with the necessary training and compliance requirements.

  • Efficient Knowledge Dissemination: By monitoring which briefings have been attended and by whom, supervisors can quickly identify any gaps in knowledge transfer and take steps to ensure that all team members receive critical information, maintaining high standards of site operations.

  • Proactive Skill Management: This tool assists in identifying trends in workforce development, allowing supervisors to proactively schedule additional briefings or training sessions based on the evolving needs of the project and workforce skills enhancement.




Advancing Community Engagement with Social Value Reporting

MSite Social Value Reporting equips managers with concise audit tables for tracking apprenticeships, local labor, and EDI metrics, enabling easy central reporting and targeted improvements in meeting customer KPIs. Benefit from insights into local labor trends, apprentice engagement, and detailed EDI demographics for a comprehensive view of social value impact.

  • Centralises social engagement metrics for streamlined reporting.

  • Breaks down workforce diversity for targeted inclusivity efforts.

  • Monitors social value trends for strategic performance improvements.




Site level

Site Level Data

Run site-wide reports to keep track of things like hours worked and number of workers.



Quick and easy reports on carbon emissions, social value and more.

Company wide

Company Wide Data

Easily get a top level reporting view across all sites, and drill down into the data.


API Feeds

Connect MSite figures into other software you use with our API feed.

power Bi

Power BI Reports

Our enterprise customers get even smarter data with MSite's Premium Power BI license.


GDPR & Data Security

Rest assured that our data is secure and our system is GDPR compliant.

Powerful Insights

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Our digital strategy team are transforming how MSite data can be utilised across your business.



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