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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.




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MSite Briefings

From daily activity briefings and toolbox talks to safety critical briefings and site orientations, MSite Briefings gives you a lasting digital record of who has attended which briefings, when they took place and what was covered in each session.

It's the new must-have tech solution that every safety toolkit needs.


Face Recognition

Sign workers in to briefing sessions quickly and easily using facial recognition. Using biometrics means you have a reliable attendance record for each session, which will also be associated to the MSite profile of all attendees. 

Download the MSite Briefings Overview

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Fillable forms help standardise how sites capture and record data.

Fillable forms have a digital record tying them to a briefings/attendance sheet on the MSite system.
Enhanced Vetting (1)

Briefing Accreditations

An accreditation will show on the worker’s profile once they have completed a course. If there is more than one module it will be awarded when they have completed them all.

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Available offline

Content can be downloaded in advance, and attendance captured while offline. The device will then sync to MSite once connected to the internet.

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Block access

It’s easy to identify if any invited workers did not attend a session, and if you use MSite for access control you can even block their entry until they attend the session.


Start / end shift for all

You can start or end a shift for all attendees at a briefing, saving workers time clocking in or out of site.

Compatible with most devices

MSite Briefings is compatible with most Android and Apple devices, and is updated regularly to ensure it works effectively with the latest 3 versions of the operating systems. See FAQs for more information about device compatibility.

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