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Aintree University Hospital

Key person: Declan Toner

MSite Solutions: Access & Attendance, MSite Workforce App and Delivery Management 

Duration: 14 months

Value: £20 million

BAM chose MSite to manage their workforce and site operations throughout the works at Aintree University Hospital. The £20 million scheme comprises the demolition of the hospital’s main entrance and the upgrade of the tower block and front elevations, along with the associated landscaping.


"MSite's delivery management software streamlines the whole delivery process, making it leaner and easier for us."

Declan Toner
Project Manager at BAM

The project took place on an active hospital site, so BAM required a solution that kept the site secure and closely managed operatives access rights. They also needed to keep operations running smoothly and the proper management of the frequent materials delivery was key to ensuring that the various works could be undertaken. To achieve this BAM opted for three MSite POD’s, MSite's Delivery Management software and the MSite Workforce App.

MSite Delivery Management gives site managers total visibility and control over inbound material deliveries. We caught up with Declan Toner, BAM’s Project Manager on the site, to get his take on MSite Delivery management.

He commented; “MSite delivery management streamlines the whole delivery process, making it leaner and easier for us. I like how we can access all the delivery information we need in one portal.

Delivery management along with the MSite Workforce App has allowed the project to run smoothly, optimally managing deliveries and facilitating secure contactless biometric access to the site. Any supporting documents can be easily uploaded to the delivery management platform, helping supervisors easily appraise the competencies of the delivery personnel.

Declan Toner went on to say; “Delivery Management is great for planning projects from a health & safety perspective, as you can upload supporting documents such as HIAB forms, allowing us to check if all the delivery accreditations are correct. This streamlines the whole process and allows us to check if the driver is competent, before their arrival on site, which can ‘clog up’ the delivery process.