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How online inductions help prepare new workers in advance

How online inductions help prepare new workers in advance

Starting a new role in any profession can be daunting. But in the case of construction site inductions, workers can experience significant stress or fears - especially if they’re new to the business, and are taking on lots of new information.

Equally, a construction site induction that takes place on their first day can be overwhelming if they’re not already well-familiar with the information being presented, leading to it not being properly digested by the new applicant. Even the most suitable site inductions can feel incredibly tedious, if the new starter is a seasoned and experienced construction professional.

On top of this, first-day inductions can cost staff members time and energy that could be better spent being more productive and pushing the project towards its completion date.

But online inductions - like the ones that can be provided through the MSite platform - offer a solution to the issues presented by in-person inductions. But what are online inductions? Are they a suitable site induction for many? And how can they help prepare new construction project workers in advance of their first shift?

What are online inductions?

Online site inductions are pretty self-explanatory - they’re a site induction delivered through an online platform, rather than through an in-person presentation-style format. They can be completed on numerous devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets, making them very accessible in the digital age and easy to view from almost anywhere. They can cover everything that would normally be covered in an in-person site induction, such as health and safety arrangements, site rules, incident reporting arrangements, particular risks and much more.

How can new workers benefit from online inductions?

More time to digest important information

With most inductions traditionally taking place the morning of a new starter’s first day, it can be difficult for them to onboard all the essential info that is presented so close to starting their new role. 

They may be more focused on trying to make a good first impression or wanting to get to work quicker to make sure they have a good gauge of the new site. Or they may simply feel like inductions are a waste of time, based on previous experiences. Whatever their reason, if they don’t properly digest the important information presented in the induction it could lead to mistakes, accidents, injuries or even fatalities later down the line.

But with online inductions, this isn’t a problem. The new worker can take their time to properly read, view and grasp all information that’s part of the induction from the comfort of their own home, if they so choose. This also included the ability to go back through files, videos and slides, to ensure they fully understand everything being discussed, all in an environment and on a schedule that’s suitable to them.

Allows new workers to raise questions well in advance

In a business as safety-conscious as the construction industry, any questions surrounding worker or site safety should be taken very seriously, no matter how remedial they may appear. In the case of first-day site inductions, new workers may not feel they have the chance to ask all the questions they wish to raise, due to the pressing need to start work as soon as the induction has been completed. 

If their questions go unanswered for long enough, this could lead to a lack of confidence or knowledge - or both - which may result in them not being able to take the appropriate action in a moment of crisis.

But with online inductions, if a worker has a question about any of the issues raised in the documents, they’re able to get in touch with the relevant staff member well ahead of their first day, so their questions can be answered promptly, before they  arrive on site.

This means that, when they do finally arrive, they will be clued in on areas in which they were not confident before and likely better able to perform their role, to their benefit and the benefit of those around them.

Important documents can be uploaded before they begin

As part of the induction process, it is usually required for new starters to offer their credentials, qualifications, ID and any other documentation required by the company, before they’re legally allowed to begin work.

Doing this on the first day can seem hectic - especially if there are a lot of new workers starting at once - and could cause admin backlogs. However, with online inductions, workers have the option to upload their relevant documents digitally well before their first shift begins, giving admin workers the time to properly process and vet them. This means, that when the worker arrives for their first day, they don’t need to go through this rigmarole and can simply get on with the job.

Consider online site inductions from MSite

If online site inductions sound like they would make a welcome addition to your construction sites in future, or if you're already seeking a new construction site induction method, speak to a member of the MSite team today to find out more.