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How online inductions can flag potential site worker issues early on

How online inductions can flag potential site worker issues early on

The construction site induction is an essential component of the new worker onboarding process. Site induction details give new workers the chance to absorb all the information they need to remain safe and keep their fellow workers safe, while also familiarising them with the specific protocols of the site they happen to be entering.

On top of this, inductions allow new site workers to present their essential documents - identification, qualifications etc. - to admin staff before they begin, ensuring they’re fully qualified to perform their role.

However, while useful, in-person site-specific inductions can act as a last-minute opportunity to highlight potential issues with workers, cutting things far too close to the wire for companies that need new starters to begin quickly to remain productive. In this scenario, a suitable replacement may need to be found, costing busy construction companies time and money.

Online inductions from MSite offer a solution to this induction process issue, though, letting companies and safety managers learn everything they need to know about a candidate - good or bad - long before they arrive on-site.

If you feel as though your sites could benefit from carrying out inductions sooner rather than later, here are just a few reasons why our online induction system and safety induction software could be the right move.

Using online inductions to spot problems before people begin work

Gaps in experience or qualifications can be brought up earlier

Large companies often choose to only hire workers with certain credentials or levels of experience, to minimise the risk of accidents and avoid any potential blowback in the event of a serious injury.

Before beginning work on any construction site, these companies must thoroughly assess their applicants to ensure only those with the desired work history and qualifications - such as a health and safety certificate or NVQ - can ultimately enter the site.

However, when new workers are often expected to present their experience and supporting documents during an in-person induction on what is supposed to be their first day on the job, plans can be thrown into disarray if it is found their documents are unsuitable for the position or that they have lied in an attempt to land the role.

This wouldn’t be the case when delivering inductions online. Online inductions can be performed well ahead of the scheduled first day, giving companies and admin staff plenty of time to examine submissions, approve candidates and identify potential problems with certain documents or claimed levels of experience.

Here, the company may wish for a new worker to clarify specific points they have submitted, or to offer more up-to-date documents. Or, if they’re totally unsuitable, the worker may be replaced with a more suitable candidate well before day 1.

This also assists with contractor management - if so desired, workers can be categorised based on their experience and qualifications, to see who would be most suitable to work in specific areas of the site.

Workers can be given multiple-choice questionnaires to gauge knowledge

Sometimes, certificates and CVs aren’t always the best indication of someone's competency for a role. Instead, a more practical and fine-tuned example of their knowledge is required, to guarantee they will know what to do in the event of a serious incident.

In-person inductions often involved workers handing over their supporting documents, but beyond this, there isn’t much to show exactly how they’d act when under intense pressure or when the safety of others is at stake. Ironically, the only indication a company may have as to how a worker will respond in a moment like this is when one actually occurs - which is too late.

However, with an online site induction, training materials and questionnaires can be uploaded to gauge a worker's level of expertise and determine precisely how they would act in specific situations. This offers companies a far more in-depth view of a worker’s level of knowledge and can highlight gaps in knowledge that may need to be resolved before they arrive for their first day of work.

In this instance, the company may wish for the worker to undergo additional training before taking the multiple choice question again - all of which can be done thanks to the added time offered by completing online indictions well before the job start date.

Beyond questionnaires, with MSite Online Inductions, companies can upload varied induction content, such as video inductions, for an interpersonal induction experience - despite the fact it's taking place away from the relevant site locations.

Make your sites a safer, more productive place and opt for online site inductions from MSite

If all of the above sounds like it could save you a lot of time and effort in your construction hiring efforts, speak to the MSite team today about onboarding the MSite platform and online induction software to fully take advantage of online inductions.

Choose the best candidates for the job the first time, every time. Help create seamless workflows and capitalise on powerful features you can use to save time, follow important procedures and ensure contractors have completed all relevant training and induction tasks.