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How will running online inductions specifically make my life easier?

How will running online inductions specifically make my life easier

If you are responsible for scheduling, organising or hosting construction site inductions as part of your role, you’ll be well aware of how time-consuming they can be. And not just for you, but for all involved in the site induction process - including the new workers taking said induction.

They can be a laborious process that you may feel like you could do without. But a suitable site induction remains an essential part of construction work for a reason; A site induction is a legal requirement intended to deliver all essential information - including site rules, first aid arrangements and health and safety arrangements - to new workers, so they have the best chance of performing their role to their fullest while keeping themselves and their fellow workers out of danger.

However, replacing your current induction setup with online inductions (or using them alongside your current inductions in some capacity) could help alleviate some of that restraint. But what are online site inductions, and how do they make your life easier if the burden of site inductions is currently on your shoulders?

What are online inductions?

The MSite Online Induction platform is a tool that allows construction sites to deliver essential site inductions virtually, without workers needing to attend a lengthy in-person construction site induction on their first day. Online inductions can be completed anywhere, on virtually any interactive digital device, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, for ultimate versatility and accessibility. Once new starters have completed their inductions, managers are immediately notified, signalling that the worker is ready to begin having onboarded all the necessities.

How can online inductions make things easier in the construction trade?

They save you time and boost your productivity (and the productivity of others)

Depending on the specifics of the construction site in question, site inductions can take anywhere from one hour to several hours to complete. This is a lot of time during which the new worker and those delivering the induction could focus on more productive tasks to drive the project forward and boost productivity.

Online inductions present this option. Because online inductions through the MSite platform can be completed well in advance of a new starter’s first day, they needn’t spend an inordinate amount of time undertaking a lengthy induction when they turn up for their first shift. Instead, they can partake in a far shorter, more informal induction process in person, with 99% of essential information having been already delivered and digested.

Not only does this help save time and raise productivity levels for all involved, but it also alleviates much of the pressure a new starter may feel during an in-person induction process. Because they’re able to complete the online process from the privacy of their own home, instead of feeling rushed, companies can expect workers to better grasp what is being presented, thus giving the workers a greater chance of following safety and working expectations when they start.

Now, speaking of feeling rushed…

They reduce rushed admin work and eliminate the risk of unqualified candidates, offering peace of mind

To ensure a new worker is qualified to work on a construction site, the company undertaking the job must ensure they have all the required certificates, proving they’ve had significant training or experience in the past and can fulfil the role properly and safely.

But if a new starter is expected to present all these documents and pieces of information the second they arrive, this can place a lot of undue pressure on admin staff - or other members of staff who have been roped into performing admin duties despite being needed elsewhere. This can lead to a lot of waiting time before the new starter can begin. Alternatively, if the process is rushed, important details could be missed and assumptions could be made which could lead to the new starter beginning work despite not being fully qualified - leading to very particular risks of a legal nature.

But with Online Inductions from MSite, none of this is the case. Documents and qualifications can be uploaded to the platform days, even weeks in advance, to be checked by the relevant people at an appropriate time. This can help confirm a candidate's legitimacy for the role before they ever step foot on site, severely reducing the risk of unqualified workers getting onto the site.

Consider Online Inductions from MSite to make your construction project easier

If you feel your site - and your role in general - may benefit from all of the above, consider switching your on-site inductions for a new construction site induction that's hosted online. By having candidates complete much of the busy work well ahead of time, you can save yourself a lot of time when the project begins and potentially avoid the catastrophic consequences of bringing in unsuitable workers further down the line. To find out more about whether online inductions would act as suitable site inductions for your company, get in touch with MSite today.