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MSite Week at VINCI - Supporting our customers drive value through MSite

What was it? 

VINCI have been running a series of internal campaigns to raise awareness of key business tools. The latest, run for a week in July, was ‘MSite Week’.


What did we do? 

The week consisted of multi-channel comms, engagement, and training events such as blogs, emails, webinars, and drop-in surgeries. MSite ran daily webinars aimed at building system understanding across different stakeholder groups within VINCI. Topics included, general end-user tips, subcontractor usage and new/upcoming functionality.


 How did it go? 

We asked David Parry, Business Tools Manager at VINCI Construction, his thoughts on how the week went, he commented; “ MSite week was a great success! This is the first time we’ve had a partner so engaged with one of our Tools Weeks, it really lifted it and made it a proper event. The added value is that we recorded all the sessions which means we now have some great training material for our staff and supply chain.


Can I do this?  

If this is something you would be interested in doing, we would love to support you. Please contact alex.norman@msite.com.