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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.



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Save time & Increase productivity with MSite solutions


How can MSite's solutions help construction companies tackle industry challenges and improve safety?

The construction industry is notorious for its challenges, including tight schedules, labour-intensive work, and stringent safety requirements. To thrive in this demanding environment, construction companies need efficient tools and strategies.

That’s where we get involved. MSite provides a comprehensive solution that streamlines Pre-Registration, Online Inductions, and Time and Attendance tracking to empower construction site management. In this article, we'll cover how MSite's solutions can substantially boost productivity, reduce costs, and enhance safety on construction sites.


Can I just stick with pen and paper?

Of course, you can stick with pen and paper if you're comfortable with that method. However, transitioning to digital solutions offers advantages such as streamlined processes, real-time updates, easier data retrieval, and reduced chances of data loss or damage.

MSite streamlines administrative tasks by dividing site activities into Off-Site and On-Site activities. During the Pre-Registration process, a worker creates a data-rich MSite profile, populated with all their accreditations, trades, and on-site roles.

Once they complete their pre-registration, they can proceed to finish a site-specific online induction online. This helps save administration time before arriving at the site. The worker's MSite Profile allows Supervisors to generate precise reports on various site-specific metrics, including ESG, EDI, and social value. These reports can be produced swiftly, aiding sites in fulfilling their audit obligations to clients and the local community, while also conserving administrative time.

MSite's reports and dashboards offer a comprehensive overview for holistic reporting, enabling supervisors to access data at the site, regional, and companywide levels. 

While pen and paper have their charm and simplicity, digital tools often provide increased efficiency, accuracy, and convenience, especially in fast-paced environments. It's essential to weigh the pros and cons based on your specific needs and decide what's best for your situation.

By integrating the mention of MSite into the broader context of transitioning from pen and paper to digital solutions, the flow becomes more seamless and cohesive.

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How does MSite streamline onboarding and boost efficiency using biometrics and reporting?

Using a one-time link sent to a mobile number or email address, a worker can complete the necessary required material before attending the site, saving the project valuable time and resources during site orientation. Site orientation bookings can be easily managed, allowing site teams to monitor progress. Biometrics are captured against the worker’s prepopulated profile within seconds, and access to the site is granted with just a click of a button, enabling the worker to transact against multiple touchpoints.

MSite ensures that all workers arrive on site with their core, site-specific inductions already completed. This reduces the administrative time needed to set up workers on-site and allows them to start work promptly. Worker pre-enrollment allows each worker to arrive on site and be automatically biometrically enrolled onto MSite. They can then clock into the site using the MSite Face Mini and start work immediately.

MSite then utilizes the time and attendance data, from when the worker clocks in and out of the site, to generate useful reports visible on the MSite Dashboard.

T&A Worker Journey v2

What reports can you generate from time and attendance? 

MSite's time and attendance reports offer a versatile range of insights. They provide both a close-up and an overview of when workers have clocked in and out on-site, with options for monthly and weekly views. Additionally, the system accommodates location check-ins for remote or agile workers and tracks First In, Last Out (FILO) times, as well as transactions categorized by trade or role. Enhanced reporting capabilities are available with the purchase of additional modules for the MSite platform.

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What does the worker on-boarding process look like with MSite?

The MSite Face Mini utilises cutting-edge facial recognition technology to streamline time and attendance tracking. Employees simply need to stand in front of the device, which captures their likeness and compares it to the photo attached to their unique MSite profile. Once their identity is confirmed against an authorised database for that site, the system records their precise arrival or departure time. If the worker's accreditations are valid and up-to-date, they will be granted access to the site. Their biometric and worker data are securely stored, ready for reporting and auditing. Accurate real-time tracking data enhances operational efficiency and productivity, saving valuable site admin time. If a worker who has not completed the required pre-enrolment and pre-induction procedures attempts to enter the site, they will be denied access until they have done so.

The MSite Face Mini is a game-changer for businesses seeking efficient and accurate workforce management. The unit features a user-friendly interface, requiring minimal training for employees. Its compact, sleek design and ease of use make it a practical addition to any site.

Let's help you pick the best solution.

All of our solutions have been developed especially for construction, many of them in consultation with some of the biggest contractors in the business. Our digital solutions help you to manage your on-site workforce, report against key metrics, and drive new levels of safety and productivity on your sites. Find a solution that's right for your site.