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    MSite Supervisor App

    The MSite Supervisor App gives you a multitude of MSite software tools at your fingertips. It’s a low-cost alternative to biometric hardware, working alongside our MSite Workforce App to help manage your on-site workforce.  

    This App is compatible with devices that are up to five years old. It will work with the latest operating system plus the two previous versions, so we recommend regular software updates to get the best from it.

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    Leading the way

    The Supervisor App is ideal for smaller construction projects and remote sites with no fixed perimeter, driving out workforce productivity and safety into every corner of the industry.  

    The App brings together mobile biometrics, geotagging and an array of MSite software modules all in one place.  It can even be used offline, syncing with the central MSite system each time the device picks up a signal.  

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    Supervisor App


    Time and Attendance

    Easily Track and Report on Time & Attendance

    MSite Supervisor App supports contactless self-service time & attendance while in ‘kiosk mode’ for workers using the MSite Workforce App, with GPS confirming the transaction on site.

    You can record attendance at Toolbox Talks and Training too!

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    Tool box talks

    Contactless Mobile ID

    Mobile ID allows Supervisor App users to search for T&A data, Training Attendance and Accreditation data on the spot when worker presents MSite Workforce App.
    Roll call
    Roll call

    Conduct Roll Call during an Emergency

    Mark individuals “Off Site” as you confirm they are at the muster point. Several muster points? No problem - roll call data can be synced across multiple devices in real time.

    This must have safety feature could quite literally save lives!


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