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 (April 2024)

17,100 (98%)


(April 23-24)


Hours Saved

(April 23-24)

VolkerWessels UK

VolkerWessels UK is a leading multidisciplinary contractor that delivers innovative engineering solutions across the civil engineering and construction sectors including rail, highways, defence, airport, marine, energy, water, and environmental infrastructure.

With five main business units, each of which have complex supply chains, VolkerWessels UK recognises the importance of a prepared workforce arriving on site ready to work. This is why the contractor has mandated the use of our pre-site software solution across its sites nationwide.

Pre-registration, online-inductions and identity checks have all been successfully rolled out to support VolkerWessels with its digital transformation programme, improving health & safety, efficiency and productivity.

The workforce pre-site journey on VolkerWessels’ sites has been made more consistent and aligns with best practice on issues such as modern slavery, optimal delivery and data duplication.

We’re proud to be involved in many flagship projects alongside VolkerWessels UK, such as Eastbrook Studios – a major film and TV production centre being delivered by VolkerFitzpatrick in East London under a £174m contract.

To make sure we play our own role in these projects running smoothly, customer service is key. We ensure no query goes unanswered and management teams can focus on using data instead of gathering it.

"The MSite pre-site solution seamlessly transitions workers from being unknown to trusted, inducted and working on site. I am a believer that business practices can always be improved, and our partnership with MSite is an example of this. From the insightful data being generated through to the excellent service we receive from the MSite team, we are continually impressed by the positive difference being made to the pre-site journey completed by our workforce."

Adrian Shah-Cundy
Corporate responsibility director, VolkerWessels UK

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Ensure your workers arrive on site: Inducted, with validated accreditations, competencies and right to work documents.