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MSite Fingerprint Reader

    MSite Fingerprint Reader

    The MSite Fingerprint Reader can be used as a biometric fingerprint reader, or in tandem with the MSite Workforce App for contactless sign-in and site access.

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    MSite Fingerprint Reader

    The 'new normal'

    Effective contactless biometric solutions are becoming the 'new normal' in construction site access during modern times. Significantly reducing the risk of COVID-19 spreading and site closures and improving worker safety. 

    The MSite Fingerprint Reader provides site teams with a powerful solution to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on site. It securely manages site access control and accurately records time & attendance, validating worker ID through the latest biometric technology. 

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    Contactless Biometric access

    Contactless Sign-in and Site Access

    Operatives use the MSite Workforce App to interact with the device for contactless sign-in & site entry, utilising their mobile’s built-in biometrics to verify their identity.


    PIN Option

    PIN option fallback for site visitors or operatives who cannot utilise biometric options.


    Suitable for Remote Sites

    4G version is ideal for remote site setups, or sites with no fixed perimeter, as you can easily move the device from one location to another.


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