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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.



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    Full-Height Turnstiles

    Our full-height turnstiles offer security for the perimeter of your site and keep your team moving – whether large or small.

    Withstanding tough weather and operation conditions with 3 and 4-arm designs, this turnstile system can be assembled in either a single or double size.

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    Robust full-height turnstiles for easy site access

    They’re designed with security in mind, but poorly built entry turnstiles can quickly become a nightmare for busy construction sites where easy and reliable access is a must.

    MSite’s full-height turnstiles feature a smooth yet firm self-centring rotation system that’s built to prevent bottlenecks in queuing and keep your team moving while maintaining essential security protocols.

    Turnable both clockwise and anti-clockwise, this turnstile security system allows workers to freely enter and exit the premises while adding a deterrent for uninvited intruders.

    Turn your security turnstiles into a facial recognition turnstile system

    Bring your site security into the 21st century by pairing MSite’s full-height turnstiles with our cutting-edge facial recognition software for a high-tech construction site security system that puts old methods to shame.

    MSite Face checks every worker against a pre-prepared database, ensuring only those who should have access ultimately gain access, stopping intruders dead in their tracks and flagging the alert so action can be taken.

    The software also checks workers against their credentials, so only those with the right qualifications can gain access to potentially hazardous areas that require specific skills or experience - significantly cutting the risk of serious accidents.

    Security turnstiles with serious specs

    Corrosion-resistant and zinc-plated, our full-height turnstiles are fitted with quiet mechanisms and a combination of stainless steel and self-lubricating engineering plastics, for a turnstile system that’s built to last turn after turn.

    Keep it moving

    Get workers on site securely using our turnstiles with self-centering rotation system. Prevent bottlenecks in queueing, due to the rotor returning to starting position after every rotation - ensuring free flow and reduced queues.

    Download the MSite Full Height Overview

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    Full Height Turnstile (1)

    Take a turn for the better

    Featuring a CE compliant Rotalock rotation locking system, the full-height turnstiles turn in both directions.

    Full Height Turnstile (2)

    Be on the safe side

    In the event of a power failure they can be factory-set to auto-lock on power failure or to auto-unlock on power failure.

    Full Height Turnstile (3)

    Customise it your way

    Suitable for interior and exterior installations, designed by professional engineers and refined for over 10+ years.

    The right turn

    ✔️ Robust exterior, corrosion resistant, unaffected by dust, dirt or moisture.

    ✔️ Fire alarm options which set turnstiles to free rotation when triggered indefinitely.

    ✔️ Programmable logic with user diagnostic features.

    ✔️ Suspended rotor technology eliminating stress on the base bearing with shock absorbing rubber coupling system.



    MSite Full Height Turnstile Specifications

    Design 1

    Design_1 Plan view-1

    Plan view

    Single Turnstile Suggested Shelter Design 1 - Plinth width: 500mm required either side of Turnstile for Biometric Readers. Do not scale.

    Design 1_Elevation


    Single Turnstile Suggested Shelter Design 1 - 2 x 240VAC 6A Fuse Spur on site/ secure side (Turnstile & ACS). 200mm VOID above turnstile for removal of lid. Sarel Enclosure to be located on site/secure side. Do not scale.

    Design 2

    Design 2_plan view

    Plan view

    Single Turnstile Suggested Shelter Design 2 -Minimum 50mm cavity is essential. Do not scale.

    Design 2_Elevation


    Single Turnstile Suggested Shelter Design 1 -Walls must be removable (access to cavity). 2 x 240VAC 6A Fuse Spur on site/ secure side (Turnstile & ACS). 200mm VOID above turnstile for removal of lid. Sarel Enclosure to be located on site secure side. Do not scale.


    + or - 5mm



    Power Req

    2 x 240v 7amp

    Delivery / offload information

    Units are delivered on flatbed vehicle. These are then offloaded with a manual lift assy (or tail lift) and pump trucked to location of work.

    Required of customer prior to install

    • 300mm depth concrete plinth for turnstile with flat level surface.
    • Minimum plinth dimensions (L) x (W) x (D): 1930mm x 1430mm x 300mm.
    • Timber shelter built to MSite specification.
    • 2x 240v isolated fused spur at turnstile location.

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