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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.



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MSite Full-Height Turnstile

Our turnstiles offer security for the perimeter of your site and keep your team moving – whether large or small.

Withstanding tough weather and operation conditions with 3 and 4 arm design they can be assembled in either a single or double size.

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Corrosion resistant and zinc plated, our turnstiles are fitted with quiet mechanisms and a combination of stainless steel and self-lubricating engineering plastics.

Keep it moving

Get workers on site securely using our turnstiles with self-centering rotation system. Prevent bottlenecks in queueing, due to the rotor returning to starting position after every rotation - ensuring free flow and reduced queues.

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Full Height Turnstile (1)

Take a turn for the better

Featuring a CE compliant Rotalock rotation locking system, the full-height turnstiles turn in both directions.

Full Height Turnstile (2)

Be on the safe side

In the event of a power failure they can be factory-set to auto-lock on power failure or to auto-unlock on power failure.

Full Height Turnstile (3)

Customise it your way

Suitable for interior and exterior installations, designed by professional engineers and refined for over 10+ years.

The right turn

✔️ Robust exterior, corrosion resistant, unaffected by dust, dirt or moisture.

✔️ Fire alarm options which set turnstiles to free rotation when triggered indefinitely.

✔️ Programmable logic with user diagnostic features.

✔️ Suspended rotor technology eliminating stress on the base bearing with shock absorbing rubber coupling system.



MSite Full Height Turnstile Specifications

Design 1

Design_1 Plan view-1

Plan view

Single Turnstile Suggested Shelter Design 1 - Plinth width: 500mm required either side of Turnstile for Biometric Readers. Do not scale.

Design 1_Elevation


Single Turnstile Suggested Shelter Design 1 - 2 x 240VAC 6A Fuse Spur on site/ secure side (Turnstile & ACS). 200mm VOID above turnstile for removal of lid. Sarel Enclosure to be located on site/secure side. Do not scale.

Design 2

Design 2_plan view

Plan view

Single Turnstile Suggested Shelter Design 2 -Minimum 50mm cavity is essential. Do not scale.

Design 2_Elevation


Single Turnstile Suggested Shelter Design 1 -Walls must be removable (access to cavity). 2 x 240VAC 6A Fuse Spur on site/ secure side (Turnstile & ACS). 200mm VOID above turnstile for removal of lid. Sarel Enclosure to be located on site secure side. Do not scale.


+ or - 5mm



Power Req

2 x 240v 7amp

Delivery / offload information

Units are delivered on flatbed vehicle. These are then offloaded with a manual lift assy (or tail lift) and pump trucked to location of work.

Required of customer prior to install

  • 300mm depth concrete plinth for turnstile with flat level surface.
  • Minimum plinth dimensions (L) x (W) x (D): 1930mm x 1430mm x 300mm.
  • Timber shelter built to MSite specification.
  • 2x 240v isolated fused spur at turnstile location.

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