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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.



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MSite Pod Turnstile Units

The MSite Pod turnstile unit is a container with a full-height turnstile, biometric reader and a lockable door – ideal for managing construction site access and security.

Biometrically enrolled workers can gain access to a site via their unique digital profile. MSite automatically checks if they have completed their induction and if their accreditations are valid before granting access, all in mere seconds.

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MSite Pod

A biometric turnstile unit you can rely on

MSite Pod turnstile units are guaranteed for up to 5 million rotations, making them perfect for detailed, large-scale jobs with staff coming and going throughout the day. Paired with MSite Face biometric security, workers’ identities can be confirmed in less than a second, for a smooth and fast-moving point of entry and exit.

Reliable construction site access control – get in!

With your customised set-up of choice, you can easily monitor who is on-site at any time and block access based on parameters of your own choosing. A worker's identity is verified against their unique MSite profile, allowing them access to the site through the turnstile unit if they’re approved. 

If a worker does not meet the minimum requirements once scanned, they’re denied access and the result is flagged to a member of staff immediately, so you can take the appropriate action and keep the line moving.

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MSite Pod (1)

Robust Site Security

Accurately manage who is on your site and if they have the right to be there through impressive biometric technology.

MSite Pod (2)

MSite Integration

Integrated software enables you to automatically restrict site access of workers against your site's criteria.

MSite Pod (3)

Fire Alarm Integration

Seamlessly integrate your site turnstile units with a wireless fire alarm system to automatically set the turnstiles to free spin the moment an alarm is triggered.

MSite Pod Turnstile Unit + Reader = A powerful combination

✔️ Available in your company colours and branding.

✔️ Time & Attendance data gathered can be used to improve operations, for example reviewing actual hours worked vs planned hours.

✔️ Report on social value: local labour, carbon footprint and apprentices on site. Also health & safety KPIs such as worker to supervisor ratios, training log and worker competencies.


MSite Pod Technical Specifications


Plan View

Plan view

Rear View

Rear view

Front View

Front view

Side view elevation

Side view elevation


+ or -5mm


<1.5 Ton

Power Req

240v 32amp


Hiab via 4 Lugs

Required before installation

Flat level hard core surface for Pod.
Hiab access to Pod location with height of at least 8m. (If less than 8m height available inform MSite) 
32amp commando socket or 240v isolated fused spur at POD location.

Additional Information

All measurements in mm. Actual Pod specification may vary depending on each specific model.

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