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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.



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Access & Attendance

Keep your construction site secure with biometric turnstiles, and track worker arrival and exit times. You can run reports on actual time spent on site by worker or by sub-contractor.


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Reliable Access Control

MSite offers a variety of access and attendance solutions depending on your site setup, with different turnstile options depending on the size of your workforce and the nature of your site perimeter.

Facial recognition access control confirms that your workers who they say they are and that their credentials are all in order before granting access.

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Accurate time and attendance

Use reports to check timesheets - pay workers for the hours they actually spend on site.

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Improve safety

Every worker on site is known and trusted thanks to biometric verification.

MSite Face (1)

Fast face recognition

The face reader is fast and accurate to get workers on to site quickly.

Choose your turnstile

What type of turnstile do you need?


MSite Pod

Made of galvanised steel and designed especially for construction, the MSite Pod is a container with a full height turnstile, MSite Face and a lockable door.


Full height turnstile

Our best-in-class turnstiles are robust and offer security for the perimeter of your site. Keep your team moving – whether large or small.


Half height turnstile

Our high quality half-height turnstiles are suited to indoor use, offering a reliable and fast entry solution for your site, welfare or site office. 

What's included


MSite Face

MSite Face is a highly accurate facial recognition solution that integrates with our access control equipment such as Pods and turnstiles.

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Need a more flexible solution?

MSite Time & Attendance facilitates monitoring of worker arrival time and exit time on site, using biometric technology.

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We've combined cutting edge software with best-in-class hardware to deliver a complete
solution that will revolutionise safety and productivity in construction.