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Fatigue Management

MSite Fatigue Management enables monitoring of your site team fatigue levels throughout your project - keeping your site safe. Ensure your team aren’t making mistakes by guaranteeing they’re well-rested and not overtired.


Keep on top of things

Track worker site hours, commute times and rest days with MSite Fatigue Management.

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Group 2055

Boost productivity

Ensure workers are alert while on site, avoiding mistakes from tiredness and ultimately improving workforce productivity.

Group 2054

Health & Safety Compliant

Comply with any health & safety regulation that requires fatigue monitoring, such as ROGS regulation.

Group 2053

Highlight Fatigued Workers

Our solution highlights workers at risk of fatigue in real time, so preventive measures can be taken mid-shift. Significantly reducing the risk of incidents, accidents and worker injury on site.

Boost your workers productivity & reduce absences

✔️Accurately report on worker fatigue measures covering hours worked, commute times, rest days and more. A paperless process with digital reports are automatically formatted in HSE Fatigue Risk Calculator, removing the need for manual calculations.

✔️ An effective fatigue management solution which boosts productivity, lowers health costs and reduces worker absences.

✔️ Our Fatigue Management module can be used with either Workforce or Supervisor App. 


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