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MSite’s Safety module allows you to check that workers on site are properly trained and qualified in their respective role, in addition to other helpful features.


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Our cloud-based safety solution digitally tracks competency and training records of your team, flags any inconsistencies to site management, and ensures everyone is complying with health & safety standards.

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Trade Check

Highlights differences between the occupation stated on a worker’s skills card and the trade they are designated to perform on site, notifying MSite users of any mismatches.

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Safety as a Priority

Easily check supervisor to worker ratios, number of fire marshals on-site etc to ensure a safe and productive working environment.

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Briefings Attendance

Digitally capture worker attendance at all daily site briefings and toolbox talks. Attach attendance to their MSite profile.

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Worker Notifications

When combined with the Workforce App, you can send instant notifications to all workers or to groups of workers.

CITB & CSCS Validation

Automatically checks and validates any CITB & CSCS cards against the CITB database, ensuring workers are trained and authorised to work on site.

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