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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.



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Supervisor App

MSite Supervisor App gives you a variety of MSite software tools at your fingertips on your own smartphone or tablet.

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For Your Peace of Mind

Our Supervisor App allows you to check worker accreditations and competencies on the spot so you can check a worker has the right skillset for the task at hand.

Coming soon: You will be able to use facial recognition for this important function, making it quicker and easier than ever!

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Time and Attendance

MSite Supervisor App uses facial recognition  technology to to sign in workers on site. A manual text based search can also be used if preferred. Worker time and attendance is recorded and can be used for a multitude of reporting.

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Roll Call

In the event of a site evacuation, you can run a Roll Call via the App. It syncs across multiple devices / muster points and uses live data.

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You can use WiFi only or WiFi and mobile data. Supervisor App can work offline and sync when back online.

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Fatigue Management

When paired with MSite Fatigue Management, workers can input estimated travel times at the start of each shift for fatigue reporting.


MSite Briefings

MSite Briefings gives you a lasting digital record of who has attended which briefings, when they took place and what was covered in each session.

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Compatible with most devices

MSite Supervisor App is compatible with most Android and Apple devices, and is updated regularly to ensure it works effectively with the latest 3 versions of the operating systems. See FAQs for more information about device compatibility.

Add Important Info to Worker Profiles

Take notes, photos or documents on Supervisor app and assign them to a worker’s MSite profile. Simply scan the QR code provided by MSite and take a photograph of a worker (e.g. a headshot or photo of passport) to automatically link your chosen documents and photos to your selected worker's profile.

Supervisor App

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