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    MSite Touch

    MSite Touch recognises your MSite registered workers' fingerprints to give them site access. Using biometrics, this method of clocking in is swift and secure.


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    With a sensor and LCD touch screen, our Fingerprint reader can be mounted to a wall and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20˚C to 40˚C.

    The Finishing Touch

    Whether your customers want to pay with their debit and credit cards or mobile devices, be ready to accept every sale with Square Reader. Take chip and PIN and contactless payments for one flat rate: 1.75%.

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    Fingerprint-Reader (1)

    Biometric Verification

    Biometrics verify operative identity against their unique MSite profile to authorise site access

    Group 2041

    Real Time Data & Dashboards

    Site teams and head offices have total visibility of exactly who is on site at any point in time

    Group 1982

    Time & Attendance Reporting

    Attendance data can be used to drive productivity, for example reviewing actual hours worked vs planned

    Suitable for Remote Sites

    The 4G version is ideal for remote site setups, or sites with no fixed perimeter, as you can easily move the device from one location to another.
    Fingerprint Reader

    MSite FingerprintTechnical Specifications

    Maximum Dimension



    302mm x 272mm



    101mm x 289mm

    2-way Interaction

    Displays messages to the user and accepts input by the user via its touch screen.

    Construction Ready

    Designed specifically to work with dirty/poor quality fingerprints.

    Access Control Mode

    Outputs Wiegand data for integration with access control systems.

    Freestanding Option Available

    MSite Fingerprint Reader can be wall or desk mounted.

    Time & Attendance Mode

    MSite Touch can be re-configured (via the MSite website) to ask users if they are arriving or leaving before they complete their transaction.

    Pin Entry

    Allow certain users who are unable to present a fingerprint to enter a PIN number for access.

    Identification Speed

    <1 second


    302, 289, 101mm





    Operating Temperature

    -20°C to 40°C

    Language Support


    MSite Touch Specification:

    • If located outdoors, then the site needs to erect a shelter over the unit.
    • If located indoor, 3 pin with step down can be used.
    • If located outdoors 240v isolated fused spur at unit location.
    • Sarel Enclosure (300mm x 200mm) to be located within proximity to the MSite touch station.

    Additional Information


    * Other languages available on request. All measurements are in mm.

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