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    MSite Face

    MSite Face with Temperature Screening allows for a completely contactless, biometrically authenticated sign-in and site access process which uses face recognition access control to identify employees. It's seamlessly integrated with MSite Access Control and automatically blocks site access for unauthorised workers.

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    The 'new normal'

    Effective contactless, biometric solutions are becoming the 'new normal' in construction site access, particularly in recent years. It significantly reduces the risk of COVID-19 spreading, site closures and improves worker safety.

    MSite Face software provides site teams with a powerful solution to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and other contractible illnesses on site. This software quickly and accurately measures workers skin temperature and blocks site access to any workers who are presenting with fever-like symptoms, thereby ensuring the safety of all persons on site.

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    Contactless sign in
    Group 1373

    Contactless sign-in and site access

    Our software facilitates a fully contactless, biometrically authenticated Time & Attendance monitoring with Access Control integration.

    COVID safe
    Group 1374-1

    Reduces COVID-19 spread

    Reduces the risk of COVID-19 spreading and workers becoming sick. Helping sites remain open and operational during the pandemic.

    Group 1375

    Data compliance

    Biometric data is encrypted and stored securely, fully in line with GDPR regulation.


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