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Our complete end-to-end solution helps construction site teams optimally manage their workforce and site operations.




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    MSite Face Mini

    MSite Face Mini is a flexible facial recognition unit for registering workers on-site to track time and attendance.

    Designed for indoor use, Face Mini is built to be mobile, so can be moved about easily, making it perfect to manage workforces in fit-out, housebuilding, or specific areas on construction sites such as welfare.


    Accurate site attendance tracking

    Face Mini allows you to effortlessly manage your team's time and attendance, knowing who is on-site and when. This is a powerful tool for tracking worker hours and following safety protocols in the event of an evacuation.

    Download the MSite Face Mini Overview

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    A small but mighty facial recognition system

    MSite Face Mini provides super-fast sign-in via face recognition to register time and attendance of your workforce on-site. The screen displays guidance to workers on how to sign in, ensuring a smooth process.

    MSite Face Mini assists in the prevention of germs spreading, to combat illnesses gripping sites and causing significant downtime.

    Face Mini (2)

    Easy enrolment

    It’s quick and easy to create workers’ biometric profiles, so they can scan themselves onto site in virtually no time.

    Face Mini (1)

    Two mounting options

    MSite Face Mini can be used with a desktop stand or wall mounted, with durable casing - adaptable to a wide range of sites and setups.

    Face Mini (2)_1

    Hassle-free Setup

    Built-in Wifi and 4G connectivity mean it's easy to connect to the internet and prevent technical issues should the WiFi drop, so you’ll always have access.

    Ultra-fast facial recognition site access for smooth entry and exit

    ✔️ Quick and reliable capture taking less than 0.5 seconds to scan facial features for fast clocking in and out, reducing the risk of awkward bottlenecks and delays.

    ✔️ Anti-spoofing 3D depth-sensing camera technology ensures that photos of workers can’t be recognised by the face reader, to prevent fraudulent entries and keep sites safe.

    ✔️MSite Face Mini can work offline and syncs with the wider system when reconnected to the internet, so consistent access is never a problem.*

    * Face Mini needs to access the internet once every 24 hours to sync.


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