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    Make sure you know your workforce with our cloud-based worker registration, competency and ID check platforms, including CITB integration. You can streamline operative onboarding before they even arrive on-site. 

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    Know your workforce

    Standardisation of data collection across the company allows for greater accessibility and consistency of worker data. Biometric profiles can be used as digital passports when working on sites, with MSite verifying if workers are skilled, trained and authorised to work on site. Of course, it’s fully GDPR compliant.

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    Registration & Competency


    ID Capture

    Know your workers with ID Capture

    MSite captures and securely stores an operative's ID and competency data on their unique global profile, while the MSite Workforce App gives each individual full control of their own biometric ID on their mobile. 


    Ensure employees are who they say they are and have a Right to Work

    MSite Right to Work automates and validates worker identity checks to prove employees are who they say they are and have a Right to Work in the UK. Helping avoid £20k fines and site closures. Solution ensures compliance with new post-Brexit right to work procedures, such as supporting share codes and frontier worker permits.

    CITB Credentials

    Check and verify workers' trade credentials with CITB integration

    Thanks to MSite’s CITB database integration, you can rest assured that each member of your workforce has the correct skills, training and a valid competency card to carry out their role on your site. 


    Find out more about how you can benefit from MSite's reliable, safety-enhancing workforce registration software and other workforce management tools.